We are in the business of supporting small companies and keeping them competitive.
The first-in-the-world publicity platform for health and wellness.

Atlantic Publicity is proud to offer a unique opportunity for select companies to market their products and services to a huge market of customers either on sponsorship, or at an extremely affordable rate. With our innovative new platform we have created a way to find your customers, explain your products/services to them and get them to buy from you on continuous bases.

Our platform is based on some very simple principles. As you know, it would be impossible for most companies to advertise or market their products on the highest profile media outlets without paying a fortune. To help smaller companies who need to get their message across we have created a unique media platform that can offer you the following:

>> The opportunity for exposure on the highest profile media outlets like CNN, American Airlines and Fox Business News, and much more…We are an approved production partner with these major companies and can get your message in rotation with them, creating the right impression connecting you to millions of consumers of your demographics, the well to do.

>> Continuous online exposure to an audience of half a billion consumers, and not just a random group, but a targeted demographic from Millennials to Baby Boomers and Generation X, with expendable income, who are interested in buying your products. We can tell them how and why your products are exactly what they are looking for. We only target the highest income rate population nationally and internationally. We also give you the title: “ America’s Most Promising Companies.”

>> The advantage of using the most advanced technology to ensure that your products and services are always marketed effectively and on a non-stop bases with a simple and easy to remember message heard and seen by your consumers. Frequently updating your information and making sure that you show up, once on our platform, at the top of any related search engine lists as a gigantic and credible, futuristic, endorsed and trustworthy platform.

If that all sounds good then we’d love an opportunity to tell you more about this unique package. Never before has so much marketing power been available to so many people at such an affordable price, or on complete sponsorship.

29 Reasons to place your site to our well recognized world-wide platform

Here is the truth: Without publicity a horrible thing happens: NOTHING.

  1. A simple and repeated message that people will remember, therefore they can actually buy your product. Our message uses general and easy to remember words, such as “ Healthier, Happier and Ageless,” and/or  “ An Honorable Cause.”  Research shows that being happy improves your health, and being healthy makes you happier and gives you peace of mind. Please feel free to Google these expressions.
  2. You are distinguished as we call you“ America’s Most Promising Companies”.
  3. You become part of the ageless and health conscious movement, and each time these topics are addressed by anyone anywhere in the world, your name will be attached to it. Please Goggle “Healthier, Happier and Ageless” or “ An Honorable Cause,” or the “Ageless Matrix. “ – Just to mention a few expressions out of our over 150 taglines.  This platform will carry you for life.
  4. You are talking only to those demographics that specifically have disposable income, and they are actively seeking ways to improve a slower aging process, or avoid age-related diseases and in general to look and feel better. These demographics are the X-Generation and Baby Boomers that have already succeeded financially. Adding to it comes the Millennials, who are simply looking to stay “healthy, youthful and ageless.” Feel free to Google the expression. People do not look for ONE company; they look at the market as a whole. That was the motivating factor behind our COMPREHENSIVE approach to the fastest growing industry. Humans are complex. Separating the mind from the body, or treating everyone the SAME way is NOT helpful.
  5. You can get rid of SEO (Search Engine Optimization,) and do only our syndication, which brings you ONLY those buyers that can actually afford your products and services. SEO does not filter out your specific high-income demographics. SEO does not distinguish.
  6. You are spending a fortune to be on the first page and first position on Goggle with your company/products/ services’ individual name. The problems however are: a) The visitors a SEO can drive to your site are not your specific demographics. SEO is not selective. The visitor may not have the financial ability to purchase what they see, or even care to find out about you. They are not people who saw your editorial on American Airlines first class. b) Adding to it is the fact that for anyone landing on your page even though you are in the first position of Google, people need to know your EXACT NAME. Otherwise, they will not even know what to search on. In order for SEO to work for you, you need brand recognition, which takes 7 years and millions of dollars and even then people might not remember your name. You are simply not found! This is the reason as to why SEO is not working and drove a lot of companies out of business. c) If the visitor finds you they need to believe what you claim about yourself. And that is not credible enough. There has to be a third party endorsement, something that makes you stand out, different and trustworthy. If however you have been on CNN, etc…you come from a trusted source to start with and your products are explained by a credible journalist, but ONLY if the journalist can establish an emotional connection between you and your clientele. d) as a simple example and for that purpose only: Nutpods. Do you know what it is? Would anyone wake up tomorrow and have a “feel” to Google Nutpods? Of course not. Nobody even knows what the product could possible be about, much less spend the time on learning about it when they do not know it exists. Spend that money on something that brings you results in a stable and steady way.
  7. Hypothetically, if you took your SEO money and run a commercial with your name 600 times on any major TV network or airlines, people WILL not stop to write down your name, they will misspell and end up on the wrong page, at which point the first distraction will end up in them giving up the search.
  8. Constant exposure for life on all or one of these channels that are trustworthy. Constant exposure is impossible for ANY company. Just 1 minute on any credible channel costs $ 200,000 or more. Even one minute, one time is impossible for small companies. Steve Jobs was right when he said, “ marketing is very personal to him. Because there is no company, including Apple that gets more than a one minute attention at best to get their message out and touch the consumer to the degree that they buy.” AND, it needs to be constant. Can you achieve these two essential components with SEO or social media? The answer obviously is: Definitely not!.
  9. NO! Both the internet alone and social media is NOT trusted fully, which is why Goggle takes down information and social media is in trouble most often than not. There are companies now that actually EXAMINE the truth from the false. There is a lot on the Net and a lot of false information makes it impossible to sort out the true info/news from the false ones. That is why your Internet visitors MUST come not thru SEO but through the most credible national and international Networks and airlines we are working with.
  10. Spontaneous endorsement from celebrities, other companies and dignitaries.
  11. Extra exposure for you! Each time anyone on the platform – and most of these people are famous already – does ANYTHING you benefit too because the consumer cannot help but see you. See our landing page. It is clean, simple and there is nowhere to go, but to products and services. The colors coming at you in flashes that actually disturb your brain and attention are not present with us as opposed to a very large percentage of all sites with too much info, which is frustrating. We do not have a “Home,” or “Contact,” etc…and a million other tabs that most websites do. We are a platform and NOT a website, designed to serve your consumers and allow them to find you.
  12. Consumer convenience: they remember our simple messaging and when it is non-stop it stays in the mind and curiosity sets in. THEN AND ONLY THEN, -taken the fact that it is repeated at all times on various exquisite channels -they feel trust and seek you out because they remember now what to Google. The message rings in their ears AND THEN FINDING YOU with a click is easy, (see all of the above as to why,) but STILL you have not educated them on your product’s value. They do not understand why a new coffee, or protein powder, or radiation protective fabric, or anything health related is BETTER THAN WHAT they are used to consume / buy NOW. You need to convince them to either switch over to your product or understand the value in something that is brand NEW. And, brand NEW is what they are looking for.
  13. We are selling for you from day one as opposed to branding only! Most people grew up with the idea that they need to BRAND. That is not true at all since the Internet. Today people care about simplicity and sophistication and NEW products and services. Branding would take you 10 years and millions of dollars. It is unnecessary. You will brand WHILE you sell.
  14. Once your demographics lands onto the platform, we explain under “HOW and WHY” you help them with your services. The first paragraph from a credible journalist will already “wet their appetite enough” to actually understand and eventually buy your products. Most companies do NOT understand that the consumer is busy and capturing their attention in seconds is hard work on top of the fact that nobody can explain a product fully in 30 seconds EVEN IF THEY COULD AFFORD A 30 second commercial.
  15. Once your income grows you can proudly personalize your story to people as an example being on American Airlines or a Syndicated Radio Show with enough time to fully explain your products. However, on American Airlines as an example a 2 minute-show would cost $ 80,000 for just one month. We have resolved this problem too, please read on.
  16. Complete and constant awareness of your products by the consumer at all times. This creates recognition as times goes by and your products/services therefore will prosper. Trust is the key and that ONLY comes from a proven general awareness on the market.
  17. If you ALREADY sell your products in stores, those stores will buy more from you because with this much exposure they will know your products will sell. Most likely the stores are also going to want to be listed on our platform because they know that 90% of all purchases are online and that is only growing. Even Whole Food has now a 30-minute delivery service.
  18. Consumer loyalty and eventually Fame due to the nature of the platform.
  19. The cause that you support will come up right away under “ An Honorable Cause,” which only will add credibility to you even more once people see that you are not just selling but you do care about the World and your consumers.
  20. As many articles / newsletters posted and syndicated to half a billion people within a year as you want, written by you and edited by us for your final approval.
  21. A journalistic article written by Adrienne Papp syndicated to ONLY those that can actually buy your products / services.
  22. An exposure 400 times on CNN within a year and with that peace of mind(and / or focusing on your next invention) knowing that your products and services are out there working for you as opposed to you working for them. That is why we call it Publicity 365. Those of you who like the idea of telling your story directly on camera to high profile and hard to reach executives and investors, you will be on American Airlines with a 2 minute editorial commercial. Samples of this can be viewed under Exquisite Media Outlets and under America’s Most Promising Companies along with the brief description of our production process.
  23. The price you pay is so small that simply switching from monthly SEO will cover it.
  24. Not only a great deal of affordability for your company, while your message is CONSTANT, SIMPLE, MEMORABLE working for you out there even with an 8 second attention spam, but the platform is yours for life. Therefore, your publicity is for life if you chose so. Imagine the amount of money this will save you. We are offering this steep discount only this month. After that there will be a yearly renewal fee. Go free and do what you do best we have your back!  And, we advocate your message for you non-stop with simplicity and sophistication. Because in today’s world the only way to get ahead is by thinking NEW, simple and elegant.
  25. Getting this much publicity is a bargain – no question!.
  26. Not only you get to be on various high-end channels, but also you are on the same platform with celebrities, Academic Research, and gigantic recognized companies. According to statistics, over 300 million people are searching on the Internet right now as you read this memo on the subjects that we address in a logistically connected and a logically clear way to your consumers. Not only we are tapping into that existing demographics for you, but due to all participants, the platform is larger than any other website and Google will achieve for you what you cannot achieve alone. Your site is smaller than a combined platform addressing half a billion readers. None of this is possible with social media. Especially in today’s hacks. Add to this the fact that each participant / sponsor, is bringing in their own established demographics.
  27. Any other income categories other than those we are describing throughout the platform and in this summary (also on our websites) cannot afford healthy, anti-aging, novelty, luxurious, or even organic products. Our social media is also addressed differently than sporadic and painfully slow connections IF you are lucky AND if you are trusted. All by yourself it will not be the case even in a year or two from now on. Google is already making changes. And, pretty drastically.
  28. Our syndication is going through those high-end media outlets, – and more, – as referred to above. By definition of “Youthful and Ageless”; An Honorable Cause, etc…we filter your audience and instead of syndication in the old fashion way to a few magazines that are not even in print anymore we go right to the top! The math of this results in half a billion viewers. As we combine that which inevitably belongs together we are making Youthful and Ageless a household name.
  29. Once you attach An Honorable Cause to our website, or Youthful and Ageless you will pick up the traffic we get and your combined exposure will bring you to the top much faster than you alone can. We have seen companies struggling for years and eventually giving up because they put the cart in front of the horse. They want national distribution before they go on a major Network, which all by itself would guarantee all doors opening as you built on it. 95% of all small companies fail due to the fact that they cannot sell. Plus, if you insist upon selling to stores, the only way to do that is to SHOW to the store that consumers WILL buy your products from the shelves because you are CONSTANTLY featured. Otherwise the question, which you know very well from distribution channels, is: “how do I know I can sell your products? Show me your advertisement!”.

If you are the inventor of products and services you will feel contentment because you share it with the world, people will be well served by you as they are looking for revolutionary solutions, but cannot find you because they do NOT KNOW that you even exists, (hence comes the problem described in point no 4, 5 and 6,  – unless they spell your name correctly and have a serious awareness about you, they do NOT know you even exists or they are not having the confidence toward you that they otherwise with awareness would have. ) therefore your sales is sporadic and stagnant. Every single company I have ever interviewed has an amazing story to tell and consumers remember by association to a story. Even children are taught that way.  Tell your story and make your mark in the world. You create something outside of yourself and bring about a healthier world, happier world.  Plus, if you do not make your idea and invention public by a journalistic article in a recognized media outlet, anyone can come around any time and claim your invention. That is why we also offer “intellectual Property Protection” that stands up in court on top of your invention being in the public domain. Do not deprive your consumers from understanding you. Let’s remember that any human on this Earth only can control one thing and that is about them: what they eat, drink or put on their body. And let’s remember that without publicity a horrible thing happens: NOTHING.

Let’s face the truth

EVERYBODY NEEDS PUBLICITY; the only ones that shy away from it are the ones that do not have any money for it. That person/business is ALREADY in trouble. I used to be listening to presentations from small companies when I was working in New York. Almost always the exact same thing happened: the company established a great plan and they asked for us to fund them. The best ideas had to be turned down because when we asked: “how do you plan to sell this product, where is it in the budget?” – there was no answer because there was no budget for it. “ We tried to keep it to the minimum investment amount.”

The interesting part about that is that an investor rather gives you twice as much KNOWING THAT HE WILL SEE HIS MONEY BACK, than giving you “just enough” for you to start production knowing that MOST LIKELY HE WILL NEVER SEE HIS MONEY BACK BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT SELLING. AND FOR SALES THERE HAS TO BE A BUDGET AND TIME calculated into any business plan. This is the reason for a 95% failure. We are here to serve small companies on sponsored minutes and THAT is how you afford to actually stay true to this amazing country’s backbone: small companies with extraordinary products and services KNOWN TO ALL!